Country Artist Billy Dawson Releases ‘Unite’ Music Video On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Texas-bred & Nashville-based country artist and guitar virtuoso Billy Dawson has an important message to share as the country unites to celebrate unity this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Dawson wrote “UNITE” with Eric Varnell in 2015 and felt he should release it in 2020 as a deeply divided United States descended into chaos. Billy decided the moment was right to share the message of hope and unity, sending out a message of reconciliation and togetherness. Now, as MLK Day arrives in 2021 and a nation still deeply divided, Billy has created a lyric video for “UNITE” as well as a concept music video, with both equally shining a light of hope into the darkness.

“Life is like a work of art, you get to paint it the way you want, but you only get one canvas, so choose wisely how you brush,” says a quote taken from Dawson’s Amazon best-selling children’s book ‘You Never Know’.

“I’m so proud of my brother Billy Dawson for trying to bring this country together in unity during these hard times,” said pro football Hall of Famer Joe Greene. “‘Unite’ really touched my wife Charlotte and I’s heart and this will for sure impact our world. Everyone needs to see ‘Seniors & Songwriters’ too. This positivity is much needed right now. It takes the seniors to keep us in touch with history.”

The heartfelt “UNITE” penned by Dawson speaks to the core of humanity, pleading for an end to division and distrust.