Alternative Rock Band The Nomadic Release Heartwarming New Single “Jeannie”

“Jeannie was my grandmother, she was the youngest daughter in her family in Wagga Wagga, country Australia, growing up in the early 20th century! Australia was a very different country then, still growing and developing, and finding its feet as a nation. Conditions were not easy and everyone in the family had to contribute to the family. Jeannie was a very strong and stoic woman who served in the Medical Women’s Service in the Pacific during the Second World War. For 4 years she was apart from her fiancé Guy, who during that time was a POW. So she had no idea as to his whereabouts and how he was doing. I think a lot about their strength and example today, and how resilient and strong they were” says Rob Gaylard.

He continues, “She was a wonderful nurse, and a loving and caring grandmother, a friend who supported the community and family through good times and bad. She was always there with a kind and wise word, and sometimes an extraordinary sense of the future. She taught us to appreciate the beauty in nature, a starry sky or a robin in the garden and was always encouraging and inspiring. She loved music and was a fan of Elvis, Pavarotti, The Beatles and The Nomadic!!”