Dead Poet Society Drop New Song “.loveyoulikethat.”

L.A.-based alt rock band DEAD POET SOCIETY will release their debut full-length -!- (said as “The Exclamation Album”) on March 12, 2021.
The album is available for pre-order here.
The band just shared the new song “.loveyoulikethat.
“The final moments of a long-term relationship can be crushing,” singer/guitarist Jack Underkofler says about the song. “But what’s more important — being honest with your love or bringing them happiness? They don’t always coincide.”
The four-piece formed while attending college in Boston and have already amassed a dedicated following with millions of streams. Insanely catchy and unable to be pigeonholed by genre, Dead Poet Society’s musical landscape runs from heavy, riff-driven songs to stunningly beautiful ballads. With fretless guitars and the extraordinary vocals of lead singer Jack Underkofler at the forefront, they have cultivated a signature sound that’s unique as a fingerprint.