OK Go Releases New EP ‘This Will Be Our Year’

To start off the year on a positive note, famed rock band OK Go has released a new, two-track EP titled This Will Be Our Year (Lo-Fi vs. Hi-Fi versions). The EP features a Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi version of OK Go’s take on The Zombies’ classic single of the same name, which the band calls one of their favorite songs of all time.

“’This Will Be Our Year’ is one of my favorite songs of all time, and it’s more timely than ever. After such a catastrophic year — so much that we rely on just crumbling beneath our feet — it feels good to add a drop to the world’s bucket of hope and optimism. Like the song says, this year was a long time coming, and I pray we look back on it as the time when things got better,” said OK Go front man Damian Kulash.

Damian has long been an obsessive fan of The Zombies, and only a few days after wrapping up OK Go’s recording of “This Will Be Our Year” in 2004, he was in the audience and thrilled by his luck when The Zombies, newly reunited, played the song on stage for the first time, more than 35 years after they recorded the original.

The new OK Go EP pairs a newly-remastered version of the band’s propulsive studio recording with an intimate solo performance by Kulash, originally made at the request of the Biden campaign. In the polarized climate leading up to the election, Kulash posted the song to YouTube with a heartfelt dedication to “everyone who doesn’t share my worldview,” advocating for more civil discourse. The message resonated, and as the song quickly caught fire, the comments section became the unlikely forum for a truly surprising and inspiring conversation. Viewers from across the political spectrum engaged and debated kindly and compassionately. With the election and 2020 now in the rear view, OK Go have taken the posting down to follow through on their heartfelt hope that music can bring us together and have made the song available to everyone, regardless of politics.