Gooding Release New Music Video for “California Gold”

Nashville-based rock trio Gooding have released a brand new video for their song “California Gold”, the 2nd single from their recent album The Most Fire.

“‘California Gold’ has been a staple of our live show even before recording The Most Fire,” said Gooding, the band’s front man and namesake. “It started out with a little blues riff through a tiny half-broken Orange amp turned as loud as we could get it. Then, we added some apocalyptic drums…it came together in a few hours top to bottom. What a blast.”

The Most Fire is a follow up to the band’s recently released albums Mayday (August 21) and The Darkest of Hours (October 9) and is the third and final installment of Hymns for Revolution, a three-part concept album of dark, apocalyptic, and cinematic rock ‘n roll released entirely in 2020.

Reflecting on “California Gold” and its role in the tale told within the songs of The Most Fire, Gooding added, “It serves as a turning point in the album’s storyline, when the characters decide to head west. I’m sure the song came from me missing California, as well.”