Lia Ices’ ‘Family Album’ Out Today on Natural Music

Today, January 29, Lia Ices has released her new LP Family Album, via her own label Natural Music.  For Family Album Lia went into the studio with the late producer JR White (Girls) – it marks the last album he worked on. Lia says, “experiencing JR’s creative genius so intimately is a gift I will always cherish and I’m so grateful my songs were touched by his magic. This album means something different to me now that the person I made it with is gone — it is a symbolic reminder that music is eternal, he lives forever in this album.” Lia And JR recorded Family Album all over California: three studios in LA, one in Stinson Beach, and one in San Francisco. “There’s a clarity to the album,” Ices says of the production, “you can hear what I’m saying, you can hear what the instruments are doing. But I really think that because the production supports the ethos you can dive in even deeper.” It was organic: Ices, White, and the four-man backing band she had record with her, live in the studio.

Today Ices also shares the groundbreaking, cinematic video for Family Album’s title track. Collaborating with director, Aaron Brown (Cass McCombs, Girls), the clip represents a breakthrough in capturing the relationship between the artist and the human aura, which exists beyond the capacity of our physical eyes. Setting out to deconstruct the relationship between invisible human energies and contemporary filmmaking, they used “Aura-photography”, which captures the energies emitted by all living creatures. A frame-accurate camera needed to be sourced – Alumni of LucasArts, S+D got the word out and an obscure camera was made available. The final music video is an unedited, 500 ft. mag of 35mm 4-perf film, quadruple exposed at Step + Direction, Sonoma and developed and scanned at Fotokem, Burbank.