Little Bird Chase Dream Girl in Retro-Horror Flick Video, “Mega Hot Super Babe”

After kicking off 2021 with jazzy groove, “SWIPE,” Charleston quintet Little Bird are here with a retro-horror flick-style music video, as they fall to the demise of one “Mega Hot Super Babe.” Infectious, glittering guitar riffs contrast the gory scenes and serve as the perfect prelude to the release their first EP of a three-part series, ALPHA, due out on February 12th.

“While the song itself is about the archetype of the untouchable woman, the video is meant to highlight a struggle that some women we know have dealt with, by fantasizing an ideological solution,” says frontman Jay Hurtt. “Working with a limited budget, we drew inspiration from 80’s budget-slasher style Giallo films, and loved the juxtaposition of a happy song with gruesome visuals.”

When recalling how the song came about, Hurtt explains, “It happened over breakfast one day with some friends. A conversation came up about a former situation I had caught myself in when I realized I had been waiting in line and sort of ‘taking a number’ to go out with this girl. She had done it all in a classy way, you know?” He continues, “It wasn’t sleazy, it was just really smooth. It occurred to me how invincible it must feel to live with that style of blind confidence. We thought about what such a life might feel like, floating through lavish meals dates every other night, doing whatever one feels like doing because that would be the life of a Mega Hot Super Babe.”

ALPHA, the first of a three-part EP series by the band, is due out February 12th. Throughout the three-part EP series–aptly entitled ALPHA, BETA and GAMMA–the band chronicles their journey through the universal human experience of life’s turbulent moments. The resulting record is a collection of songs that survey the various celestial aspects of the human condition, examined humbly through the eyes of naiveté. The three EPs will culminate in a single 23-track odyssey, Proxima LP.