The Accidentals Release New Single “Wildfire​” from Upcoming EP, TIME OUT (Session 1)

After a year of quarantines, lockdowns, wildfires, marches and rallies, and a very long period of uncertainty, it is hard to think about what the future might look like. With The Accidentals’ release of “Wildfire”–the first single from the band’s EP called TIME OUT (Session 1) featuring co-writes with legendary songwriters––comes a promise of regrowth.

The Accidentals and Richey first “met” last March when, as the music industry came to a screeching halt due to COVID, The Accidentals’ Sav Buist wrote and published a Livestreaming Tutorial for OBS. When the tutorial was picked up by HypeBot, The Recording Academy / Grammys, and BandsInTown and shared among venues, including renowned singer-songwriter haunt Club Passim who asked Buist to assist Richey on an upcoming livestream.

What started out as an introductory Zoom session would soon blossom into a song for the times – capturing the unbelievable isolation of the moment and the nostalgia of what was left behind. The chorus drives home the universal feeling of regret: “Drunk on borrowed time… / Who knew we were waiting on a wildfire?”

“In this song, Wildfire is a metaphor for consequence. We didn’t see it coming. We were moving through life at breakneck speed, worried about ‘getting there’ instead of being present in the journey,” says Buist. “When the road came to a hard stop, and everything went quiet, we realized the extent of what we had lost. It was a lot like looking at the scorched earth of a wildfire. We were reminded that after the fire, the ground is most fertile for growth. These songs might not have happened if not for this time. We wanted to somehow capture the idea that even after all of this unbelievable heartbreak, some beauty can still come from it and leave an impact on the future.”

The Accidentals new EP, TIME OUT (Session 1), includes songwriting collaborations with Richey, Dar Williams, Maia Sharp, Tom Paxton, and Mary Gauthier & Jaimee Harris. Collectively, TIME OUT (Session 1) is a heart-wrenching and hopeful anthology of stories that honor what’s been and what’s to come, and in doing so, powerfully sits in this moment.