Puddles Pity Party Releases Signature Coffee Blend

veryone’s favorite sad singing clown, Puddles Pity Party, has teamed up with Batdorf & Bronson to produce his own coffee, the Puddles Pity Party Blend. A fulfilling cup for dark-roast lovers, Puddles Pity Party Blend is full-bodied but subtle, featuring a honeysuckle sweetness that adds intrigue to an already engaging blend. Much like a song sung by the sad clown with a golden voice, coffee in the right hands can be roasted so that sweetness blossoms from the darkness.

“Oh, hello. You guys know how much I love a cuppa coffee. Well, I teamed up with our friends at Batdorf & Bronson coffee roasters to bring to you a coffee blend that will make you cry…with glee!” said Puddles. “I love Batdorf & Bronson. And I think you will, too. Let’s have another cup of coffee!”

“Puddles Pity Party won our hearts through his dynamic music and kind spirit long before we connected through coffee. Working with Puddles is a unique experience, since it’s all done through a series of pantomimed gestures and intuitive telepathy,” said Batdorf & Bronson’s Outreach and Customer Support Coordinator, Ren Doughty.

“The tasting notes in Puddles Pity Party Blend are different from any we offer,” Doughty added. “The coffee itself is a combination of smooth, delectable, single origin coffees blended in a top secret ratio, roasted just the way he likes it. We hope you’ll love it, and our beautiful little independently owned roastery, too.”