Omaha Alt-Rock Power Trio The Party After Release New Single “Groundhogs” and Animated Video

Groundhog Day 2021, Midwestern power trio The Party After has released their newest single, aptly named “Groundhogs”, now available on all digital outlets, with an accompanying animated video, featuring psychedelic, over-the-top visuals created by Ellefson Films and Johnny’s Bros Creative Studios.

The video, directed by Thom Hazaert for Ellefson Films and Ismar Rodriguez for Johnny’s Bros, Animated by Ismar Rodriguez, and Produced by Ewar Acosta and Thom Hazaert, documents the transformation of a single groundhog’s normal day, into a mind-bending trip through a wild evening in the deep, dark woods.

Says Hazaert, “The band came to me with the idea of doing an animated video, and wanting me to direct, and put together an animation and creative team to make it happen. I had previously had some discussions with my friends at Johnny’s Bros Creative Studios, an amazing animation house, about working on some projects together, so we figured this would be a great opportunity to do so. We came up with a rough concept, and they set Ismar loose on the animation, who tweaked the concept as he went, and really brought it to life.”

He adds, “As we were completing it, David and I had just launched Ellefson Films, and announced Dwellers, so I thought it would be fun to park it under that banner, and expand the scope of what we were doing over there. Even though it’s a pretty dark video, it really has nothing to do with Metal, or horror, or any of the kinda typical things I think people would expect, but it’s definitely, at times, a pretty disturbing and dark visual, that aligns perfectly with the mood of the song. Either way, the reaction has been amazing, and I’m so excited to finally release it, after sitting on it for months, waiting for, you guessed it, Groundhog Day.