flipturn Treads Between Expectation and Reality in “Glistening” Video

Treading between reality and expectation, the four-minute video–directed by Shannon Mains and shot by cinematographer Mathew Pimental–deals with how one’s focus on material needs can affect their relationships and lead to a life of loneliness and regret. “The video takes place in three worlds, represented by each of us,” explains the band. “Each world shows the contrasts between expectations and reality. A colorful vibrant birthday in a dark decrepit home, bright happy cartoons set against an empty, lonely world, and mirrors that reflect the opposite of each of our environments.”

The cinematic visual was filmed in an abandoned home located in a small Michigan town. Bassist Madeline Jarman shares, “This was our first time traveling for a video shoot. We felt an instant creative bond with the videographers, and they were a dream to collaborate with on this project.”

Adds lead guitarist Tristan Duncan, “The video they created expresses even more than our subconscious thoughts when writing the song––their work expresses something we didn’t know needed to be told.”

Vocalist and rhythm guitarist Dillon Basse explains, “One of the coolest parts about writing music and putting it out into the world is hearing all the different ways people perceive the song. When we write the songs, we always try to leave a little ambiguity in the lyrics for this very reason.” Basse continues, “Even within the band, ‘Glistening’ meant something a little different to each of us. Watching a music video always helps me connect with a song more, so I’m really excited to finally give people a chance to interpret this song in a whole new way.”