Kino Motel Shares “Simple Desire: Live And In-Person”

Australian grit-pop band Kino Motel share “Simple Desire: Live and In-Person” video via BTRtoday, who praised “dreamy in a mind-bending kind of way, the video flows around the musicians like thoughts running through your mind. The song feels like it’s blossoming right in front of your eyes, as if fate created it to be captured right there in that live moment.”

Hyper stylized and addictively dreamy, the live performance of “Simple Desire” perfectly compliments the audio released last month, both pulling inspiration from the 70s. Beginning with a windy, sweeping intro, Rosa Mercedes’ addictive melodies quickly kick in, supported by Ed Fraser’s gravely baritone, creating an ethereal, rolling soundscape.

Based in Melbourne, the duo have also announced their residency at the iconic Old Bar, playing every Sunday this month.