Nanowar Of Steel Unveils Emotional New Single + Video “Formia”

Italian ex-parody metal outfit Nanowar Of Steel, formerly known for viral hits such as “Valhallelujah” and “Uranus”, has recently announced its retirement from their multi-faceted, comedic power metal sound, to pursue its newly found love for emotional pop music. Today, they reveal a first taste of what they have been cooking up.

“Just like life itself, emerged from the sea and gradually moved to the earth, we are symbolically from the shores of Formia to the dry land on the Italian peninsula with new life and new music. We are the amphibious species of music: we are metal but pop at the same time. So, unless you are a creationist, join us and enjoy the evolution of Nanowar Of SteelL,” says the band’s singer/bassist Gatto Panceri 666.