Carrington MacDuffie Releases New Single “Sweet Little Mystery”

Indie singer-songwriter Carrington MacDuffie released her latest single “Sweet Little Mystery” on Friday, February 12. Taking fans on a transcendent journey inspired by newfound love, MacDUFFiE’s single inspires the heart of all hearts and is available just in time for Valentine’s Day. CARRiNGTON’s creativity flows through music and magic available only when one is present enough to draw wonder out of every situation. This release ignites hope that 2021 will surpass 2020 in unthinkable ways, and the music video paints a perfect picture, detailing how the“Sweet Little Mystery” of life keeps MacDUFFiE curious. T

“This is really a love song to the mystery of love itself. The ten thousand reasons you could give for feeling strongly attracted to a person still don’t explain the phenomenon. Remaining awake to that sense of mystery naturally invites fun and delicious encounters with all kinds of people, and also goes a long way towards doing justice to whoever you’re intimately involved with. No matter how well you think you know a person, you can never ever know what it’s like to be them, and in this sense, they will always remain a mystery to you. This sense of wonder is available to you all the time, if you lift your head out of your phone or your thoughts and have a look at the sky every once in a while,” shares MacDuffie.