Lushlife Shares “Depaysement”

Lushlife shares “Depaysement” off of the upcoming Redamancy EP, out on Fortune Tellers, out March 12th.

“Across the 9:09 minutes of Depaysement, you can hear the song slowly transform from a quietly meditative loop to a headnodic jam with a hard-as-nails verse from Dälek to a full-on outre jazz freakout, like you suddenly find yourself in a different place altogether — and that’s very much on purpose,” says Raj Haldar, the man behind Lushlife. “Depaysement is a French word that captures the totality of feeling that hits you when you’re in a strange, new place for the first time. When we started working on this song, eighteen months ago, I was just thinking about that vibe in connection to being on the road playing music. Given the current moment, and since we’ve been stuck at home for almost a year now, I’m longing for that synapse-tingling feeling of traveling to new places more than ever.”

Raj Haldar (rapper-producer Lushlife) has had a strange and storied career on the edges of hip-hop and indie music over the last decade. Starting with Cassette City in 2009, he released three critically-acclaimed albums, most recently Ritualize in 2016 on Western Vinyl which featured collaborations with Killer Mike and Ariel Pink amongst many others. Following a Trump-era mixtape, My Idols are Dead and my Enemies are in Power and a criminally-overlooked collaborative album with the producer, Botany under the name The Skull Eclipses in 2018, Raj spent the last few years publishing a #1 New York Times bestselling children’s book P Is For Pterodactyl, which spent 26 weeks on the Times’ bestseller list, and the sequel out this month, No Reading Allowed. This led to a TV development deal for his kids’ book projects, as well as a “social horror” TV series set in India entitled, Cult of the Aghori. All that is to say, he got a little sidetracked on the music front… until now.

REDAMANCY, the new EP from Lushlife recasts classic east coast hip-hop in the context of an astral jazz synth odyssey. The recording features a collaboration with members of the Irreversible Entanglements quartet, who bring moments of sheer free jazz chaos across the recording’s six sprawling tracks. Lushlife doubles down as a producer here, creating a universe where gorgeous synth arpeggios and Bomb Squad squeals fit hand-in-hand. With contributions from Dirty Projectors’ vocalist, Felicia Douglass , HPrizm (FKA High Priest of Anti-Pop Consortium), noise-rap god heads, Dälek and more – Lushlife’s Redamancy EP bristles with the energy of an artist willfully deconstructing his sound into something new.

Redamancy is one of the first releases from Fortune Tellers, the new label created by Peter Matthew Bauer of the Walkmen.