María Isabel Shares Spanish-Language Version of “Stuck In The Sky” out on Valentine’s Day

Dominican-American artist María Isabel shares the Spanish-language reimagining of the title track of her debut EP Stuck in the Sky, followed by the accompanying visual inspired by the Mexican film Y Tu Mamá También dropping on Valentine’s Day. María will also be performing on Move Forward Music’s ‘Parks & Rec with Quiana Parks’ Twitch show on Sunday, at 1PM EST at
The visual for “Atrapada en el Cielo” is directed by Dylan Knight and chronicles the breaking point of a relationship, pinpointing the moment of realization that a troubled relationship is best left behind. With the releaseof the new versionof “Stuck in the Sky,” María closes this chapter centered on her debut EP and looks ahead to new music coming this year.
María says of her decision to translate the song from Spanish to English:
“‘Stuck in the Sky’ was never meant to be about an ending, but so many listeners interpreted it that way that I began to see it for myself. ‘Atrapada en el Cielo’ is me realizing that this long-distance had reached its end and there was nowhere for us to go but in opposite directions. It sounds sad, but I felt really empowered by translating the lyrics to mean something entirely new. ‘Stuck in the Sky’ was me waiting around for the day we could be successfully be together for more than a few days at a time, and ‘Atrapada en el Cielo’ is me realizing that I owed the time and energy I was giving the relationship to myself instead.