Paper Idol Shares Single “Tightrope”

Paper Idol finds the perfect balance between his electronic and indie-pop infused sound once again with his latest infectious single “Tightrope.” Never short of catchy vocal hooks, ear-snatching production style and all round good vibes, the young multi-instrumentalist and songwriter keeps on walking his way straight to our hearts (and favourite playlists). On writing “Tightrope”, he explains:

“I joke that my music is too electronic for indie kids but also too indie for electronic kids. I like to combine indie-pop and EDM into something surreal and unique. My music makes you want to dance, but has a deeper message about loneliness and confusion if you read the lyrics…

“Tightrope” is about the things we crave the most, and how they can bring as much pain as pleasure. The lyric “her loving never lets me down” has a double meaning: relationships can take you to new heights, but also throw you completely off balance”