The Blossom Shares New Song And Video

The Blossom, the moniker of LA based non-binary artist Lily Lizotte, shares a new song and video alongside the announcement of their upcoming EP 97 Blossom. “Hardcore Happy” premiered on Australia’s Triple J and is an immediately arresting track that synthesizes a wide variety of influences across the sonic spectrum, with elements of modern hip hop production and the warm haze of shoegaze shining through. It comes alongside a self-directed visual that nods towards THE Blossom’s late 90’s pop and grunge influences.

Lily says of their new single: “‘Hardcore Happy’ is all my chaos in the form of a strong warm hug. Growing pains, the aches, while I’m closing my eyes and running towards change. Counting days in my sleep and hoping for something more. When someone asks me what it’s about I say, ‘Everything I am and everything I wish I was. It’s a hybrid of everything I’m influenced by sonically and emotionally. A collage I made with friends.'”

Born to a family of artists, Lizotte spent their childhood between New York City and Sydney. They moved to Brooklyn as a young adult, kicking off their fashion tenure as a designer in the Lower East Side. However, it was always the gravitational pull towards music and songwriting that grounded Lizotte and finally inspired their move to Los Angeles last year. The community of like-minded artists they have met there including Kevin Abstract, Romil Hemnani, Jabari Manwarring, Matt Champion and Federico Vindver, who collaborated with Lily on “Hardcore Happy alongside Lily’s father Mark Lizotte, have set their wide-ranging references and innovative songwriting into greater focus.

97 Blossom due April 6th effortlessly juxtaposes seemingly disparate elements such as grunge and shoegaze against the bass-heavy nature of hip-hop into something strikingly cohesive yet undeniably unique. Lizotte’s lyrics cover the full emotional spectrum: insecurity, gender dysphoria, depression, anxiety, and growing pains are all woven into the fabric of the songs. Their songs are mostly about how they feel about their feelings, a perspective that’s almost an abstraction of the raw emotion itself. It’s a reflection of their personality – one where darker elements are intertwined with humor and playfulness – and it makes for an incisive debut that melds together the distinct, exciting worlds that inspired Lily to start this journey originally.