Marianas Rest to Release Second Single & Video “South Of Vostok”

Hailing from the Finnish coastal town of Kotka, melodic death/doom metal strikers Marianas Rest will release their third grand studio album, Fata Morgana, on March 12 via Napalm Records, impressively showcasing their dedication to merging heavy riffs, hypnotizing soundscapes and impetuous tempo-changes into a heartfelt force once more.

After unveiling their first sophisticated offering, “Glow From The Edge”, the Finns now set free their next hauntingly melancholic output, “South Of Vostok”: Fata Morgana’s final epos starts off with Finnish wording that underlines the origin of the six-piece. With feral yet sensitive vocals as well as a harmonizing instrumental performance, Marianas Rest skillfully create a cohesive symbiosis of sound that allows every note to unfold its captivating power in the most appropriate way. The song’s name comes from a place in Antarctica and a Russian research station named Vostok located there – one of the coldest and most hostile places towards life in the whole world, if not the coldest of all.