Andrekza Releases Debut EP Cassette – Lado A + Focus Track “Tuve” Featuring Gabriel Garzón-Montano

Venezuelan artist and creative director Andrekza, releases highly anticipated debut EP Cassette – Lado A today via Steve Aoki’s Latin imprint – Dim Mak En Fuego. The flirtatious and catchy focus track, “Tuve,” features critically acclaimed multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Garzón-Montano and serves as a reminder to love freely and enjoy the beginning stages of a relationship without holding back. “Tuve” was produced by LUYO (J Balvin, De La Ghetto, Lele Pons) and composed alongside Venezuelan artist and songwriter Natural Nell.

“Sharing my emotions and my art was always something a bit complicated for me, but when I saw Gabriel’s work, I fell in love with his subtle way of expressing himself through his delivery, the very special way he sees music and art. We met while filming the music video for his song ‘Muñeca,’ which I directed. I then went to NYC and Gabriel recorded the song in a hotel in Brooklyn. We express ourselves with no limits and that’s very important to me,” explains Andrekza about how “Tuve” came to life.

“After sharing songs and demos via FaceTime she suddenly played ‘Tuve’ and the song seemed crazy to me! That melody. That modern magic that Andrekza wields marked me right away. I said ‘duuuuude this flow is heavyyyy’ so I recorded it,” affirms Gabriel about his collaboration with Andrekza.

About the making of the music video Andrekza elaborates, “the production of the music video for ‘Tuve’ was inspired by wild animals in the jungle, because in the end we all came from there. I decided to record this video in the concrete jungle of New York, and it’s the final chapter of the video game of my creativity and emotions. I directed this video with Gabriel and Macksimo helped me put the final touches on it as I was editing it. Everything was recorded with natural light and a camera in hand. We drove from Brooklyn to Chinatown and ended up in Times Square. I like to recreate my life experiences and create worlds within my world because life is just like that, it’s IMAGINARY.”

Andrekza’s debut EP Cassette – Lado A is a collection of songs where she wrote all her emotions on paper created during a moment of confusion, anxiety and while experiencing emotions foreign to her. The EP was her desire to revisit those feelings she had as a child when she would record songs onto cassettes and return to an era when we kept posters of our favorite artists and listened to mixtapes while getting ready for bed. Cassette – Lado A embodies her personal journey of creating without sticking to a specific beat or structure, doing what she feels and showing us what inspires her on a daily basis. It is about living outside the box.

On February 24th, Andrekza will be releasing a project called UNICORNLANDIA which consists of a playlist that will live on Spotify, merchandise and a weekly livestreamed miniseries on Instagram. Each episode will hold the space for a prominent creative to share their story. Already confirmed to participate in the series are Steve Aoki, Julio Ramirez (REIK), YENDRY, and Noel Schajris to name a few. The UNICORNLANDIA playlist will feature of songs she’s currently vibing with and the merch is a re-vamp of her clothing line Dolls High which was inspired by her debut EP