Flying Cupid Releases New Animated Short for “Into the Light” Single

Modern metal act Flying Cupid has revealed a new video for the track “Into the Light,” the second single from the upcoming All Turns to Dust full-length.

More than a simple music video, “Into the Light” is an animated short by Davie Brown that visually illustrates the song’s concept of transcendence beyond the earthly world.

“The animation process revolves basically around the main character walking through a vast desert to find a lost ruined temple,” explains Flying Cupid’s Abhiruk Patowary. “The character enters the temple and explores to find it’s filled with spirit entities. He is consumed by the temple and its spirit entities. The character is swallowed and transporting him to some kind of afterlife. He is then faced with struggle to find his way out, which is a metaphor about fighting his personal demons and finding his way ‘back to the light’ to return to this plane of reality. It closes with the character victorious, having completed his journey and ending with him looking up to a beautiful sunlit sky surrounded by an oasis.”