Los Esplifs Announce Debut LP ‘Estraik Back’

Tuscon-based art-psych band Los Esplifs share “Otro País,” an infectiously-catchy banger complete with bombastic riffs and swinging rhythm, all steeped in dark humor. “Otro País” is the lead single from the upcoming Estraik Back, an 11-track LP out April 20th. Northern Transmissions premirered “Otro Pais,” praising Los Esplifs for “a sound that is uniquely theirs.” Brooklyn Vegan also featured the “very catchy” track, praising it as “an art-psych spin to Cumbia, Fania, and other styles.”

Detailing the background of the “Otro País,” band member Caleb Michel says: When I wrote this song I was working at a farm. I was laboring harder than I’ve ever worked, and I realized I was still having a hard time paying rent. For generations we say, “oh its gonna get better with the next politician,” but that’s never true. “Otro País” tackles the grass always-greener theme with dark humor and infectious rhythm.

The LP, Estraik Back, embraces the “Tucson Sound” and creates a western-infused rhythm revival. The album as a whole is a musical stream of consciousness, working towards sonically recreating the mind of a Latinx individual living in the current world order. The lyrical content is intense and challenges the norms of traditional and current Latinx writing, while engaging in familiar groove and dance. The music soundtracks a night of psychedelia in your Tia’s backyard, where music becomes family and cumbia your heartbeat.