Mitchel Evan Single/Video “Cancel Out The Noise”

‘”Cancel Out The Noise” is the 3rd single from my self-titled record, “Mitchel Evan”. It came to me when I was falling for someone new. I was living in Colorado at the time, but I actually started writing the song in Richmond while I was home for a week visiting my family. This song actually first appeared on my 2018 EP, The Little Horse Tapes. I had only been single for a short while after coming out of a long-term relationship and I was hesitant to enter another. The song is about being pulled into love with your heels dug into the dirt. This studio version of “Cancel Out The Noise” was recorded mostly live with minimal overdubs at Go West Studio in Richmond, Virginia. It features Tyler Meacham on backing vocals, who is a friend and fellow RVA based artist as well.”‘

Mitchel Evan is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Richmond, Virginia that has traveled the country exploring new landscapes and soundscapes. A young, yet an experienced writer, Evan has found his voice after a decade of developing his craft. Nearly half of that time was spent living in Colorado and touring the western United States, but his rambling has since brought him back east to his home state of Virginia. With an already extensive catalog of releases behind him, between the now-defunct Colorado-based Mitchel Evan & The Mangrove, and now releasing music simply under the name “Mitchel Evan” – he is shaping up to be a prolific writer with a seemingly boundless range of sounds. The songs are honest and confessional while maintaining a sense of hopeful humor and wit and profound insight. Evan’s performances radiate charisma, conviction, and confidence that comes only from writing scores of songs and playing hundreds of shows. Backed by his new 4-piece Americana band, Mitchel Evan & The Saboteurs are quickly making a name for themselves in the American Southeast and across the country.