Dead Original Release Their New Album ‘Bought And Sold’

“Dead Original is the culmination of what I have always envisioned a modern rock band in 2021 should sound like by blending modern production with old-school vibes,” says Paul Wandtke.

“I’ve spent my whole life looking for gigs as a work-for-hire drummer and nothing really hit home “emotionally” to me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been surreal jamming for Trivium, Rock of Ages, Kill Hannah, and even one of Edsel Dope’s side projects called Suck or Punch (I was 19 years old, I thought I made it) because I was filling in for Vikki Foxx who was Vince’s Neil’s drummer for a while but again nothing really was a home run to me emotionally,” he says. “I was and have been looking for that “THIS IS IT, MAN, I’VE MADE IT” this is the band, the music my life! So here we are today with a new band that I put together with my good pals Mike Petrasek and Sean McCole.”

“At the end of the day, I think some bands, (not all bands) are forgetting the point of writing music. We’ve all gotten washed up in the marketing style of things ya know? And rock fans are elitists, they don’t give things a chance. I think it’ll be a good 5 years before we can start making headway with Dead Original, but we are willing to put up that good fight,” Wandtke adds. “Now I’m not saying Dead Original is the best thing in the world either, but I can tell you this; it’s from the heart and it’s real ( at least I think so ).”