Elephant Micah Shares New Single “Eastern Callers,” New LP ‘Vague Tidings’ Out 4/9

Elephant Micah today shared his new song “Eastern Callers,” the spellbinding and fiddle-laced second single from his new album, Vague Tidings, due out April 9th, 2021, via Western Vinyl. Songwriter-producer Joseph O’Connell, who records as Elephant Micah, explains the strange love affair he had in mind when he wrote the song’s lyrics:

This is a song about unrequited love, like ‘Barbara Allen.’ It’s from the perspective of an ordinary Alaskan and he’s singing it to an astronomic/atmospheric phenomenon, the northern lights. He’s extremely jealous of the tourists who he thinks, wrongly, are there to derive some kind of procreative luck from the lights. He is also really paranoid about an actual magnetic phenomenon that is slowly changing where the lights appear in the sky. In retrospect, I think this is a song about the widespread modern predicament of needing tourism revenue while also feeling extremely possessive of the thing tourists visit.