Dog Trainer Share “Really Not Close” (ft. icareaboutu) Off New LP ‘Scrolling to feel better… part one’

Dog Trainer, the NYC-based duo of Nick Broman and Lucas del Calvo, today shared their dynamic new single “Really Not Close” (feat. icareaboutu) alongside its DIY, VHS-filmed video. “Really Not Close” is the fourth single off their forthcoming album Scrolling to feel better… part one and the song’s structure—intimate lyrics and gentle synths building into massive beat drops and titanic sonic moments—is a preview of the compelling musicianship found throughout. “The song is situated in a very specific phone call that I think we’ve all experienced in one form or another: catching up with an old friend, maybe someone from high school you haven’t really spoken with in a long time, and experiencing all these feelings of nostalgia rush back,” explains Dog Trainer. “You start realizing you forgot their birthday, and that you don’t really know that much about their personal life or their family anymore, but that you’re grateful for all the memories even though you’re ‘Really Not Close’ anymore. The whole thing is kind of an homage to a lot of nostalgic music we both love, especially early 2000’s bands, like Blink-182.” Scrolling to feel better… part one will be released on March 26th, 2021.