Houston, TX Rock Band RōZY Announces Kickstarter Campaign

Houston rock band RōZY are announcing a new crowdfunding campaign to create new music and videos via Kickstarter this year as a follow up to a recent string of singles (“Come As You Are,” ”Pretty Little Lies,” ”Doll”) that have built a warm community of devoted fans for the young band. RōZY has grown an organic international grassroots audience after cutting their teeth in the Houston rock scene opening for bands like Puddle of Mudd, Buckcherry, Vixen, Youth in Revolt, LA Guns, and Kings X as well as headlining their own exciting shows.

RōZY is also announcing the continuation of their own label’s distribution deal with Megaforce Records, the hugely influential label that launched Metallica’s career nearly 40 years ago.

Their new music will be hotly anticipated, as the band’s first slew of singles have already racked up nearly 165K views on YouTube combined, growing steadily as new fans continue to discover them through word of mouth. Their latest single “Doll,” was released last month via an exclusive premiere on the Houston Chronicle, one of the top 3 most distributed papers in the nation and one of RōZY’s most fervent local champions. The influential rock outlet New Noise Magazine dubbed it their “strongest track to date,” calling the band “a refreshing insight that rock ’n’ roll constantly evolves.” Local Ontario tastemakers Soft Sound Press were similarly impressed, noting: “While some artists fall under the guise of empowerment despite actually singing of revenge, blame, or subtly putting others down to feel better, songs like “Doll” by RōZY truly empower listeners by putting the importance on self-acceptance instead.” A recent feature for “Pretty Little Lies” on American Songwriter saw the band as “carry[ing] the torch, reimagining the [rock] genre for new audiences.”

That combination of small-scale relatability and dutiful dedication to rock history is the driving force behind RōZY’s emergence as a force of nature in modern rock, and a big part of what drives the collaborative and sympathetic audience relationship that leads the band to current success. Borne out of the relationship between 21-year old singer / guitarist Zoe Flores and her 20-year old sister Molly, along with Houston locals Brandon Martinez and Charlie Bubenik (on guitar and bass, respectively) the band have worn their Texas roots proudly even as they’ve risen to national attention. “If there is anything in Texas that is hotter than the summer heat,” a profile of RōZY on Teenplicity begins, “it is the growing music scene.”

This new campaign is just a new stepping stone along the way – an opportunity for the band and their fans to grow together as they continue the torch across the country.