Coma Culture Announce Debut LP

Coma Culture announces their debut LP and share the self-titled lead single. Young the Giant members Eric Cannata and Francois Comtois team up with Jon O’ Brien, owner of Music Box Studios and long-time collaborator, to form Coma Culture. The Camouflage LP is out June 25th on Repost Network.

“Coma Culture” is about facing the coping mechanisms we turn to as we seek meaning in our lives—uplifting instrumentals and verse lyrics give way to a chorus that borders on self-consciousness and oversharing. It was written by Francois Comtois, on tour with Young the Giant, in a Saskatchewan hotel room during a polar vortex and brought to life at the Music Box Studios in Southern California right before the pandemic hit.

Filtering the modern condition through a dream pop haze, Coma Culture is a new indie rock band featuring Young the Giant’s Eric Cannata and Francois Comtois with producer/songwriter Jon O’Brien. Taking their name from their debut single, the longtime friends and collaborators use their unique lyrical voices and experimental production to explore existential dread and the hope for something more.

After trading demos and favorite records on the road, when O’Brien was the tour manager for Young the Giant, Coma Culture bonded over their shared love of Broken Social Scene, Sparklehorse, Slowdive, and the Cure. Cannata, Comtois, and O’Brien have worked together on a variety of projects over the years, including Travelers and American Pets, but in 2019 they came together as a trio and founded the band in a series of sessions at O’Brien’s Music Box Studios. They reworked and recorded everyone’s songs together, including some inspired by their early touring days, and finished the album throughout 2020.

Their debut album, Camouflage, combines vintage instruments, modern recording techniques, and classic songwriting for a sound that’s immediately distinct yet warmly familiar. Each song was crafted together, combining personal lyrics and layered production to communicate what it’s like to be alive today. The result is a sound that is sometimes unstable and warbly, as if overwhelmed and interrupted by a new technology, sometimes quiet and unsure about what comes next, and sometimes clear and confident. The band polished off their sound with a little help from Yuuki Matthews (The Shins, Richard Swift, David Bazan), who mixed “Martha” and “Bad Habits.”