Lewis OfMan Releases New EP ‘Dancy Party’

French electronic artist and multi-instrumentalist Lewis OfMan shares his new EP Dancy Party – a synth-laden collection of tracks featuring previous singles “Dancy Boy” and “Attitude.”

Dancy Party is the perfect soundtrack for Spring, as the days grow longer, and brighter times are imminent. Whilst the tracks are perfect for dreaming about festivals and dancing in night clubs, the EP itself was created by Lewis alone on the rooftop of a small Barcelona apartment. Creating the EP during the global pandemic, Lewis used music and the feelings sound can evoke to fill the void left by the lack of human connection and contact.

Speaking on the EP, Lewis said: “’Dancy Party’ is not about a party, as we know it, it is about the feeling itself of the party. The feeling of living in a moment when you are 100% sure that you are living like you have always wanted to. You never thought of this particular moment; it will never happen again in the exact same way.”

Drawing inspiration from famous paintings and artists during the making of each track, the EP’s focus track “Las Bañistas” is based on the famous Picasso painting of female bathers sitting and dancing by the sea. Speaking on the single Lewis said: “’Las Bañistas’ is my representation of women dancing in a Mediterranean vibe, on a little terrace in a small village by the sea. It is the feeling of pure joy and energy that you feel when you dance in a really cool moment. Let’s say it is 9pm, still warm, sunset is down, we turn on some fairy lights, we drink ouzo, and we start to dance.”

Lewis OfMan aka Lewis Delhomme started playing the drums when he was 11 years old which developed into a wider musical passion and quickly led him to learn guitar and piano. One year later he started to play with a band as a drummer, and he bought his first keyboard and started to make his own compositions as Lewis OfMan on Garageband. These tracks formed his debut EP in 2014.