Lyn Lapid Drops Video For Latest Single “Itsy Bitsy”

Up and coming artist Lyn Lapid releases her official music video for her latest single, “Itsy Bitsy”.

On making the video and working with her tarantula co-star Elenore, Lyn says, “Working with Elenore was very interesting. On set, I said I wasn’t afraid of tarantulas or spiders, but every time Elenore got within 10 inches of me, I’d freak out on the inside. She was placed on a table that I sat at, and she would not move until ‘Itsy Bitsy’ played, I think it was because of the vibrations from the bass line. We had to stop mid-song a bunch of times because Elenore got to the edge of the table and almost fell on me, and my heart raced every time. I remember panickily staring down the animal specialist for help. Although I didn’t say anything because I knew it’d look so dope for the shot. I’m pretty sure I got over my fear of spiders and tarantulas by the end of the day.”

Last year, the then 17-year-old singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist shared a snippet of the track on TikTok, which caught fire online. The full version, a spin the classic children’s nursery rhyme “Itsy Bitsy Spider,” illustrates Lyn’s rapid progression as a songwriter and artist.

Lyn Lapid has affirmed herself as a star on the rise for 2021. Her debut single, “Producer Man,” emerged as “the most-viewed unreleased demo on a TikTok video in 2020.” The song morphed from a viral TikTok clip into a phenomenon, as the original demo eclipsed over 70 million views and 8 million likes on the app. To date, the official release—produced by Dan Nigro [Olivia Rodrigo – “drivers license,” Conan Gray, Carly Rae Jepsen, Lewis Capaldi, Sky Ferreira, Empress Of]—has racked up 31 million global streams and 4 million YouTube views on the music video. Attracting widespread tastemaker praise, Rolling Stone claimed, “The fully produced version evokes early Nineties coffee-house soul gussied up with modern drum programming and ghostly electronic harmonies,” while Idolator rightfully predicted it “is certain to make big waves.”