Los Esplifs Share “Galaxia”

Tuscon-based art-psych band Los Esplifs share “Galaxia.” The track is following up on “Otro Pais” as the second single off their upcoming ESTRAIK BACK, an 11-track LP out April 20th. New Noise premiered the track, praising it as “an organ-driven song that delves into a circular existential monologue.”

Discussing the background of “Galaxia,” bandmember Saul Millian says: I wrote Galaxia thinking about my own manic obsession with curiosity. It is a narrative story of a reflective hallucination. The main point is that we can get too heady with trying to understand our surroundings and the inner workings of our interactions. I first began with the chorus chords. I was listening to a lot of “El Gran Combo” and Ecuadorian Organist “Eduardo Zurita” and wanted to write a song with an organ moment. “Galaxia” ends with a coro that soars with “no entendere” meaning “I wont understand”. The chorus reinforces the idea of the song while encouraging you to take it easy and dance your ass off.

The LP, Estraik Back, embraces the “Tucson Sound” and creates a western-infused rhythm revival. The album as a whole is a musical stream of consciousness, working towards sonically recreating the mind of a Latinx individual living in the current world order. The lyrical content is intense and challenges the norms of traditional and current Latinx writing, while engaging in familiar groove and dance. The music soundtracks a night of psychedelia in your Tia’s backyard, where music becomes family and cumbia your heartbeat.