Mnelia Shares New Song “Senseless”

London artist Mnelia returns to share the new song and video, “Senseless.” Directed by Terry Paul, the video is a well of 90s nostalgia as Mnelia pays homage to the R&B era she takes inspiration. Produced by her main collaborator StevieBBeatz, the song is her first offering of this year following her 2020 EP After 6 and her hit single “Say Yeah,” which has amassed millions of streams and over one million video views on her own YouTube channel independently.

Over the past two years, Mnelia has put the obligatory ten thousand hours into her creative process. After meeting her main collaborator StevieBbeatz, who she describes as her “long-lost twin,” back in 2017, she reminisces on the days and nights spent hard at work together in the studio. “What I love about Stevie is that we listen to each other and neither of us ever underestimate the amount the other can teach us.” This type of musical synergy is the backbone of many of the revered American R&B music so many of us grew up on. There’s something special when producers find their muses; Timbaland with Missy Elliott and Aaliyah, the Neptunes with Kelis, Jermaine Dupri and Usher. Is this model the answer to growing UK R&B into the hottest new export? In a climate where many artists succumb to the pressure of chasing the latest sound to stay relevant, Mnelia and Stevie might be onto something.