Jordi Up Late Shares “Back In LA”

LA-based pop artist Jordi Up Late shares “Back In LA,” alongside a self-animated music video. Shimmering synths and driving drum+bass underscore Jordi’s internal musings, vocalized with her impressive pop pipes. The Luna Collective premiered the video alongside an exclusive Q+A, praising how “the song is both fun and uplifting, while the video is vibrant, surreal, and funky, which matches the lyrics and production of the track.”

On the track, Jordi says: Back in LA was the first track I wrote after graduating college in 2019 and moving back to LA that summer. For me, places are synonymous with people – in this case, an ex or exes as I wasn’t thinking about one person in particular- just the idea really of moving back to the city where I’m almost new again and kinda bored thinking about hitting up old flames, who I already know are so wrong for me. Ultimately calling them up won’t cure my desire for intimacy, because all I would find is a hollowness in just the physical. It’s important to note I was thinking about my track record of guys who left me feeling sad at how emotionally unavailable they were to not only me but to themselves and others in their life. The chorus gets to the heart of that and those traits not being a reflection of me but being a symptom of their own shit. Fuck them. I would way rather feel whole by myself than feel empty for short-lived gratification. I didn’t hit anyone up and I made the groovy angsty song instead and danced to it by myself – felt good.