Linda Perry Releases Music For The 1st Time in 15 Years

conic Singer-Songwriter, Producer and Pop Culture shape shifter Linda Perry releases her own music for the first time in over 15 years. Perry best known for her groundbreaking song-writing career for artists such as Pink, Adelle, Christina Aguilera, etc has now set her sights on film and tv lending her musical prowess to two significant documentaries.

90’s child star Soleil Moon Frye has created an original Hulu documentary, kid 90 about the coming of age. Composed of hundreds of hours of real footage as a kid in that era serving as a blueprint of Frye’s life. At the end of kid 90, a 40 something Soleil Moon Frye is confronted by a letter she wrote at 16 years old. Asking her now self a list of questions and hoping she feels loved. Perry was inspired to confront those questions by writing “The Letter”  which the video has premiered on Consequence of Sound. Perry asked Director, Don Hardy to shoot the video as she knew he would deliver something beautiful. “The colors were influenced by the movie projections that filled the room and that consumed my body. My studio was the backdrop to capture this raw and emotional performance. The visual evokes the feeling that then transcends. I was able to create this cathartic score that amplified the raw emotion that was unveiled through Soleil’s journalistic POV. I feel proud of what I was able to create, and I am honored that Soleil Moon Frye let me take this journey,” says Perry.

On the end of the pendulum Perry was enlisted by actor and activist Sean Penn to score the music to his award-winning documentary Citizen Penn debuting on Discovery+ on May 6th. With unprecedented access, director Don Hardy (“Theory of Obscurity”) and his crew followed the humanitarian efforts of Sean Penn and a dedicated team of volunteers as they set up a long-term base to bring aid to Haitians after the devastating 7.0 earthquake struck in 2010. Perry also co-wrote another original song, “Eden: To Find Love” with U2’s Bono who also performs it.