Midwxst releases new EP Summer03

Today, Midwxst, born Edgar Sarratt III, releases his new EP Summer03 alongside a new video directed by Overcast for the song “Trying”. “Trying” alternates between moments of glitchy aggressiveness and delicate hooks. The video for “Trying” highlights the track’s dichotomy by showing Midwxst exploring idyllic natural landscapes interspersed with shots of dark, urban environments, lasers and the artist trying to rap under water. “Trying” follows previously released single “Final Breath.”

The 17-year-old Indiana native is the next generation’s ideal superstar, capturing all the chaos of a typical modern teen’s life with the artistic intuition of a seasoned veteran. Growing up in a small town, Midwxst never felt like he really fit in. It wasn’t until he met an online scene of like-minded kids on Soundcloud that he truly blossomed into the young artist he is today. Among the most standout names within the underground music scene, he is making his presence known as an elevated figure compared to his contemporaries. His singles and projects alike bring an untapped sense of maturity, passion, and pop prowess. He is more than a passing artist within a crowded landscape; he is a generational talent that is ready to burst into the limelight.