Patrick Droney Announces Debut Album State Of The Heart

Singer, songwriter and celebrated guitarist Patrick Droney announces plans today for his upcoming debut full-length studio album State Of The Heart via Warner Records, available May 21. Building on the success of a “momentous 2020” (American Songwriter), and continuing to stretch into themes dripping throughout his acclaimed EP of the same title – the meaning of loss, reconciling what’s behind you and the pursuit of self – State Of The Heart boasts 15 tracks entirely co-produced and co-written by Droney.

ontributing multiple instrumental credits including signature electric guitar, keys, bass and drums, Droney prominently mines inspiration and confessional details from multiple coming-of-age seasons crafting his debut album across New York City, Los Angeles and Nashville, weaving listeners through the heartbeat of three cities for some of his most intimate storytelling. Moments like the groove-tinged “River” explores the essence of time, bolstered by red-hot electric guitar riffs, while “Talk About That” is a masterful offering finding Droney searching deeper about the human condition. The solo-penned “On Your Way Home” put Droney’s textured vocals on the forefront and “When The Lights Go Out” is an infectious jolt of energy paired over a sprawling melody.

“It’s been a true journey to the state of the heart,” Droney shared. “This album is both an accumulation of where I’ve been these last ten years as well as a real starting point towards where I’m going. I hope this collection of songs serves as a friend on the long, but worthy, pursuit of trying to find ourselves.”