Cake Pop Shares New Song/Video + Announces New Album

Today, Cake Pop announces their new album Cake Pop 2, due May 14th via Mad Decent, alongside the first single from the project. “Black Rum” is a burst of manic pop energy built around infectious synth-stabs and auto-tuned vocals. It comes alongside a zany, Weston Allen-directed video featuring the group in over-sized fruit costumes.

Cake Pop is a band helmed by Dylan Brady and made up of a group of friends and collaborators from St. Louis, Missouri. Cake Pop is Dylan Brady, Aaron Cartier, Ravenna Golden, Lewis Grant, Pritty, Robel Ketema, Kevin Bedford, and Adam Newcomer. Each individual member has their own unique artist project and the idea of Cake Pop began as a space where they could experiment with the idea of pop music together. The music was made over the course of four years with a bulk of the project coming together over a simple hangout turned manic 4-day jam session. Not so coincidentally, around the same time Dylan also connected with fellow St. Louis artist Laura Les for the first 100 gecs release. While the flourishing American hyperpop movement’s origins are often associated with online connections and the influence of the European PC Music scene, this “real life” St. Louis scene serves as a major point of genesis for the rise of the sub-genre in America.