Brad Sucks Announces LP

Today, Canadian indie-rocker Brad Sucks shares “In It To Win It” featuring Jason Lytle of Grandaddy. A New Low In Hi-Fi is Brad’s first album in nearly a decade and will be out June 10th. Reflecting Brad’s ingenuity and devoted fanbase, the album’s physical release is entirely crowdfunded and includes cassettes, CDs, and 12″ vinyl records.

Discussing the background of “In It To Win It”, Brad says: This mellow rock song’s about giving up on your dreams. The verses are about my own struggles with staying on track with my music and my career, feeling worthy, feeling like success is attainable. The choruses are supposed to be blunt but ultimately kind self-talk. Like someone expressing concern but calling your behavior out for what it is.

The song also features Jason Lytle from Grandaddy, who’s been a musical hero of mine for decades, I wrote this song and then pitched it to him on Twitter and was overjoyed he liked it and wanted to do it with me. I’m a huge fan of his and he also famously struggled with success, gave up on Grandaddy at its peak and peaced out to live in the mountains in Montana for a decade or so but has recently made a comeback. I’ve thought about him often through the ups and downs of my own career and having him sing the chorus on this, ostensibly telling me not to give up is really big for me!