Kira Metcalf Shares “Hoax”

Brooklyn-based musician and writer Kira Metcalf shares her latest single “Hoax”.

“Hoax” is on a mission to unmask the snakes, gaslighters and power-abusers, strip them of their pedestals, and expose those who have for so long comfortably evaded accountability. A tongue-in-cheek alt rock anthem, Metcalf’s powerful vocals and witty lyrics propel the track forward with momentous energy, soaring above electric guitar riffs and a thunderous rhythm section. Unapologetic and gritty, what began as a rageful teenage breakup song has since morphed into a chorus of alarm bells, warning us not to buy in to the false narratives pushed by toxic individuals and repressive systems.

Metcalf says, “I wrote ‘Hoax’ about 8 years ago after a pretty terrible breakup. I wanted to channel all that pain and anger into something fun and empowering. ‘Hoax’ is really about finding your power after someone or something continuously and methodically tries to put you down.”

“Hoax” was written, performed, and co-produced by Kira Metcalf with Tim Hutcheson on lead guitar, Gabriel Herter on bass, and Daniel Sadowski on drums and percussion. It then made its way to Brooklyn-based Wonderpark Studios, engineered and co-produced by Eva Lawitts, and mixed/mastered by Chris Krasnow.