Introducing Australian Singer-Songwriter Tassia Zappia With Debut Single “You Don’t Want Me”

Today, Melbourne singer songwriter Tassia Zappia introduces herself with the debut single and music video “You Don’t Want Me” via Republic Records.

With a combination of throwback reverence and fresh and fiery energy, Tassia immediately asserts herself as an artist to watch.

Tassia Zappia, Italian born in Melbourne, doesn’t gloss over the little things in her music. She approaches her lyrics with a keen eye for detail only amplified by her show-stopping delivery, outsized vocal flare, and free spirit. Listening to the Australian singer and songwriter can feel like being in the room right next to her during some momentous turning point.

About “You Don’t Want Me,” she shared, “I wrote the song about the first guy I tripped hard on. It’s just so real, I felt those lyrics. When you’re completely and utterly in love but this person doesn’t want you, there’s nothing worse. Musically, we dove into my roots and merged those with a modern vibe to mix two worlds together.”