Lia Ices Shares Aura Video for “Family Album”

Lia Ices has revealed the video for the title track of her recent album Family Album. Collaborating with director, Aaron Brown (Cass McCombs, Girls), the clip represents a breakthrough in capturing the relationship between the artist and the human aura, which exists beyond the capacity of our physical eyes. Setting out to deconstruct the relationship between invisible human energies and contemporary filmmaking, they used “Aura-photography”, which captures the energies emitted by all living creatures. A frame-accurate camera needed to be sourced – Alumni of LucasArts, S+D got the word out and an obscure camera was made available. The final music video is an unedited, 500 ft. mag of 35mm 4-perf film, quadruple exposed at Step + Direction, Sonoma and developed and scanned at Fotokem, Burbank.

Lia says, “Family Album (the full album) comes from my realizing the power of my femininity and tapping into the wonder that is nature. As with all of my music, I am documenting myself, I am documenting my life. It’s a spiritual practice that helps me process what it is to be alive.

The song family album is about crystallizing a very specific moment in time; the preciousness of my tiny daughter, the real threat of losing our home to a wildfire, knowing that I found my own Eden on the mountain and then imagining it disappearing. It is about gratitude for the here and now. The video for the song takes that documentation even further by capturing my aura as I perform the song in one take, adding another layer to what one can communicate when they lay their heart out — the poetry, the melody and the light.”