Ryanhood Premieres New Single “Under The Leaves”

Award-winning, Tucson, Arizona-based acoustic duo Ryanhood, comprised of Ryan David Green and Cameron Hood, has released “Under The Leaves,” the title track from their forthcoming album, set for release on April 16th. “Continuing their path as Tucson-based trailblazers, their upcoming LP, Under The Leaves, sees Ryanhood exploring news means of innovating their sound,” remarked PopMatters. “Besides acting as composer, vocalist, guitarist, and mandolinist, Green’s also slipped into the project as its sole producer. Throughout, he impresses with the vibrance through which he conveys their collection of strings and harmonies. Taking the vocal lead on the duo’s ritual new single, Hood is a confident navigator. He’s deceptively at-ease as he heartily commands its unusual instrumentation; the track is a swirl of strings and multisided percussion in 5/4 time. His lyrical inspiration, meanwhile, explores fresh territory just as well.”

Lyrically, the song was inspired by the Wendell Berry poem, “Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front,” where he writes: “Ask the questions that have no answers / Invest in the millennium / Plant sequoias / Say that your main crop is the forest that you did not plant, that you will not live to harvest…” In the face of everything fast and new, Berry is talking about cultivating deep, slow roots—something seemingly missing from our modern lives,” explains Hood. “Additionally, Quaker Thomas R. Moore writes, ‘We are bowed down with burdens, crushed under committees, strained, breathless, and hurried, panting through a never-ending program of appointments. . . . [we] postpone till next week that deeper life . . . for this week is much too full.’ And as tempting as it is to call that the curse of the modern life, knowing that he wrote those words in 1941 reveals that our busyness is not something that this wifi, hi-def culture is doing to us, it’s something we’re bringing with us into the culture.” “Under The Leaves” follows the release of previous singles “Wide Awake In A Dream,” “Appy Returns,” and “The Fight.”