STEEN Share Debut Single “Red Lights”

Today, LA-based indie duo STEEN share their debut single, “Red Lights.” The track was produced by legendary producer Justin Raisen. FLAUNT premiered the track, praising how it “contains heartfelt lyrics displaying pain and vulnerability that fuels a juxtaposition when you compare the deep, emotive lyrics with their tantalizing melodies.”

STEEN is making a big splash on their debut with 8 New Music Friday placements on Spotify (Singapore, Philippines, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan), along with playlist spots on NEW IN ROCK and NEW IN ALTERNATIVE on Apple Music. Tidal is featuring “Red Lights” on TIDAL Rising and Rising: Indie/Rock.

On “Red Lights”, STEEN says: Once you cut through the feel-good acoustics of the record, Red Lights is heavy and encompassed in pain. It’s a play on humanities fatal flaws, mental health and addiction. It’s so common to fully recognize toxic behaviors yet continue to full heartedly live in misery. Amid the outcry and fire burning inside, when you lived in the fire for as long as many have, you can burn through your own demises and see the other side.” At the end of the day, it’s our duty to do the best we can even when we feel alone—when we experience life’s everyday wildfires.

“Red Lights” is a representation of our destructive patterns and fatal flaws. The constant motif of “playing with fire” takes you on a very common path that many find themselves trapped in. A ballad on guilty pleasures and the consequences that follow, ultimately lead us to the harsh reality that there will always be “fire in the streets”… but “it’s alright”.

Surf punk guitars and synthesizers met with heavy vocals gives listeners a familiar feeling experienced in a new, refreshing way. Originally written and produced by STEEN, “Red Lights” was elevated by indie vet Justin Raisen (David Bowie, Sky Ferreira, Joji, Yves Tumor, Billie Eilish).