Sarah Cicero Spills Her Soul On Her Debut EP ‘Cold Immaculate Opposite’ Out Today

Brooklyn’s Sarah Cicero has released her breathtaking debut EP Cold Immaculate Opposite out today on all digital services. The EP tackles the uncertainty of being a twenty-something and those in-between years, stepping out of childhood, yet not yet completely knowing how to navigate adulthood. This EP was a collaborative effort between Cicero, her producer Sahil Ansari, and a number of peers from the richly creative Brooklyn DIY scene who worked to help bring the songs to life, all while in isolation. The collaborative effort put into the music during a year of solitude is further proof of how important community is especially, during times of transition.

The five songs that make up this incredible body of work document the evolution of a young woman’s journey into self-awareness. The songs are as magically complex as Cicero. They tackle themes of loss on the lead-off song “Atticus,” feeling small and unseen on “Indifferent,” to desperation and hitting what feels like rock bottom on “Proud,” then turning to the wistful “At Arms Length” tells the story of that first real love. Under the Radar Magazine said that “‘At Arm’s Length’ is possibly her most poignant track yet. Cicero beautifully captures the feeling of your first “real love,” delivering confessional lyrics over a symphonic rush of instrumentation.” The EP is rounded out by Cicero’s version of an empowerment anthem, with “Letter to the Editor,” directed towards men who think and act like being “tall” is a personality trait.