Los Esplifs Share “Perro Rabioso”

Tucson-based art-psych duo Los Esplifs have shared “Perro Rabioso,” third single off their upcoming Estraik Back, an 11-track LP out April 20th.

Discussing the background of “Perro Rabioso” and how it came about, bandmembers Caleb Michel and Saul Millian say:

It was 2019 and we were at this bar in Phoenix where we would always hang; a typical pre-pandemic week night.

In the patio we are intrigued by a dog that was brought in. Everyone around it was petting, holding, and even kissing its mouth, and we began to imagine all the horrible things that this dog could’ve been doing before being adored.

In between laughs we came to the realization that we were a lot like this dog.

In addition to “Perro Rabioso,” the band has also released the official music video.