Loveleo Returns With New Single “Buzzcut” Featuring Blackwinterwells

Today LoveLeo returns with a new hyperpop bop titled “Buzzcut” feat. blackwinterwells, out now via Godmode/Republic Records.

It’s the kind of radical style shift and reinvention we’ve come to expect from LoveLeo – a sly, sardonic look at the way our realities and appearances are increasingly blurring.

“Like many people, I often find myself doing things on social media strictly for the purpose of doing things on social media,” explains LoveLeo. “When you step away from it all, you start to wonder what toll it’s taking on your happiness and who actually benefits from the ‘likes’. That’s what ‘BUZZCUT’ is about. Also I shaved my head so there’s that too.”

LoveLeo also directed the official music video – an absurdist, existential take on “Youtube makeup tutorial” style content, complete with his iconic aux cord earrings, rainbow nails, new buzzcut, and a special performance from the artist blackwinterwells, the architect of the nascent hyperpop movement.