Chvrches Release Official Video For “He Said She Said”

This past Monday Chvrches released their long awaited new single “He Said She Said,” and today you can watch the official video for the track, directed by multi-disciplinary artist Scott Kiernan. Recorded almost entirely remotely on two different sides of the Atlantic, the song arrives three years on from Chvrches’ acclaimed third album Love Is Dead.

Of the video, Kiernan says: “The revolving door is metaphorical to the circular nature of a manipulative power dynamic, and the looping thoughts that go along with feeling trapped in it. But this door also represents a film developing tank here: it creates “a picture” through agitation. That agitation can be malevolent, by some controlling, dominating force as in an abusive relationship, or it can be that of a protest – a positive force to reclaim one’s agency.”

Chvrches add: “Working with Scott has been really exciting as we share a visual viewpoint. He really understood and elevated our references. We found out about his work through a short film he made for Moog and were just obsessed with his aesthetic and way of telling stories. He has creative directed everything for this new era of the band and we can’t wait for Chvrches fans to see the story unfold…”