Dana And The Wolf Share “It’s Too Late”

The atmosphere surrounding Dana and the Wolf’s recording process is a swirl of loud arguments, cruel language and brutal honesty. But it’s this intensity that drives the duo creatively — grasping for moments of truth when lightning is captured.

Chicago-born couple Dana Hobson and Daniel Wolf wrote and recorded their debut album, “LA FADE” over a series of twelve turbulent months hunkered down in their 2 bedroom apartment in Burbank, CA.

Inspired by their adventures in dating, LA FADE tells tales of guilt, ghosting and roller-coaster relationships — set to a backdrop of epic vocals, highly personal lyrics, and cinematic arrangements.

Of the first single, Dana says: “It’s Too Late is a great intro to the whole album because it was sort of the first failed experience we had seriously dating people outside of each other. Things jumped between amazing and horribly wrong and you get to witness it all! Come see the shit show that is Dana and the Wolf.”

More recently, Dana and the Wolf have freed themselves from the constraints of monogamy — with the subsequent relationship drama providing plenty of creative fuel for the album. Their candid and often hilarious videos on non-monogamy are clearly striking a nerve — with a recent post attracting over 100K views on TikTok and an avalanche of debate.