Flying Cupid Premieres Video for “Oasis” Featuring Members of Veil of Maya, Intervals and I Built the Sky

Flying Cupid has debuted a stunning video for “Oasis,” the third single from the forthcoming All Turns to Dust album and the band’s most notable collaboration yet, featuring Lukas Magyar (Veil of Maya), Nathan Bulla (Intervals) and Ro Han (I Built the Sky).

Shot in four different countries, the video comes together cohesively with desolate mountains serving as a backdrop while the trio performs. Interspersed throughout are scenes that illustrate the song’s message.

“‘Oasis’ is about escaping the expectations society has placed on you and fulfilling your own expectations,” says guitarist Abhiruk Patowary. “In the storyline of the music video, the main actor is surrounded by two other individuals who are essentially dressing him up to be what they expect. At the end he sheds their views of him and become who he desires.”