Patrick Droney Drops New Track “Talk About That” From Upcoming Debut Album

Singer, songwriter and celebrated guitarist Patrick Droney continues to preview his debut studio album State Of The Heart ahead of its May 21 release via Warner Records with new track “Talk About That” – a swelling build that finds Droney encouraging deeper, more honest conversations- is available now. Co-written and co-produced by Droney, introspective lyrics, “We all have words we can’t take back / Look too long at a photograph / All have something we think we lack / Holding onto bags that we can’t unpack / All need help, but we don’t ask / Maybe we should talk about that,” ambitiously motivate connection and conversation via the common ground amongst us all.

“There’s a thread between all of us woven within the unspoken,” Droney explains. “While each of our stories are our own, there are a million examples of how we are more the same than different. The more specific I get in my songwriting the more universal the stories seem to become. At its best, music is a connecter and a gateway to greater conversation. “Talk About That” touches on vignettes of life and flashes of unique human perspectives wrapped within the universal point that at the end of the day we all need help, but we don’t ask. I hope ‘Talk About That’ helps start that conversation.”